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A trader in [[Stoutheart Landing]] who sells op [[mounts]].
A trader in [[Stoutheart Landing]] who sells [[mounts]].
| name = Slackjaw
| name = Slackjaw

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A trader in Stoutheart Landing who sells mounts.

Type: Trader
Sells: Mounts
Found on: Stoutheart Landing

Description[edit | edit source]

Items are purchasable with Defense Coins from Relic Defense.

Item Name Price
White Hen Mount 400dc
Yellow Hen Mount 6,000dc
White Unicorn Mount 80,000dc
Enchanted Stag Mount 400,000dc
Blue Dragon Whelp Mount 400,000dc
Black Skeleton Hound Mount 400,000dc
Black Tiger Mount 400,000dc
Rainbow Unicorn Mount 400,000dc
Rooster Mount 400,000dc

Gallery[edit | edit source]