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The Slime Queen is the first mini boss the player will encounter. It can be found on the level 7 island of Port of Caul.

Combat and Tactics[]

The Slime Queen located at a random place in Port of Caul will engage the player once close enough. Slime Queen has two attacks. The first attack is the jump attack, Slime Queen will jump towards the player dealing damage if she lands on top of the player. The second attack the Slime Queen will begin spinning destroying all plants and trees in its path, it will also damage the player if hit. While spinning the Slime Queen will throw little slime balls off its body creating small creatures known as Slimelets. The Slimelets will attack the player when near.

If a player builds a column of blocks high enough, the Slime Queen won't be able to reach him, therefore allowing player(s) to safely damage the boss. This, however, will not work for Warriors, as they require close combat.


It does appear the level 7 Slime Queen in Port of Caul has different drops than the level 14 one summoned with Slime Queen Amulet of Invocation.

Slime Queen Trophy(7,14)
Blades of Quietfall(7)
Cape of the Furtive Fraudster(7)
Shadow Sword(7)
Meera's Cape of Mystical Armament(7)
Walpugna of the Witches Three(7)
Shawl of the Irascible Illusionist(14)
Ring of Fire(14)
Daggers of the Unseen Hand (14)
Shawl of the Unrelenting Conqueror(7)
Cloak of Endless Quiet (14)
Ring of Elysia's Bounty(7)
Ring of Ice (14)
Copper Clasps(7)
Zuzsanna of the Witches Three(14)
Iron Clutches (14)
Iron Rebuttal(14)
Titanium Throwing Axe(14)
Totem of Divine Mercy(14)
Totem of Ice(14)
Totem of Storms(14)
Poison Spike Trap(14)
Ice Spike Trap(14)
Bite Trap(14)
Energy Crystal(14)
Mace of Wisps(7)
Druid's Mantle I(7)

-The number in () indicates which level the Slime Queen drops the item.-