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The Small Chest is found throughout dungeons, caves and mines. They can contain Throwing axes, Totems, Traps, and armor among other things. An efficient, but slightly time consuming way to farm small chests is to create several normal sized worlds. In the Squire's Knoll, there are 2 chests. Open one at the bottom of the dungeon, and the other behind the wall at the bottom of the mine.

Armor Drops[]

The Armor that drops from the Small Chest varies depending on what section of the world map you're on and the level of the island, the lower level islands in a group for example island 1-01 through 1-05 may not have any armor in the chest.

Name Island
Berserker 1-xx
Copper Knight 1-xx
Vindicator 2-xx
Beast Lord 2-xx
Iron Knight's 2-xx
Gladiator Champion 3-xx
Gold Knight's 3-xx
Name Island
Unfallen Scout 1-xx
Pearless Sharpshooter 1-xx
Shadow Scout 1-xx
Imperishable 2-xx
Sureshot 2-xx
Shadow Assassin 2-xx
Crackshot 3-xx
Outlaw 3-xx
Name Island
Sorcerer 1-xx
Reaper 1-xx
Warcaster 2-xx
High Conjurer 2-xx
Warlock 2-xx
Master Mage 3-xx
High Warlock 3-xx (or any special event chest on any island)
Name Island
Brigand's 1-xx
Sneak Slayer 1-xx
Adept Trickster 1-xx
Blackguard 2-xx
Illustrious Trickster 2-xx
Wily Sneak Slayer 2-xx
Eliminator 3-xx
Brutal Varlet 3-xx
Name Island
Shaman Scout 1-xx
Warden Scout 1-xx
Primal Chief 1-xx
Warden Protector 2-xx
Primal Shaman 2-xx
Primal Fury 2-xx
Bone-Eater 3-xx
High Warden 3-xx