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Hollow Prince

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=== Behavior ===
The '''{{PAGENAME}}'''[[Hollow Prince]] is a mini version of the [[Hollow King]]. It appears atop a pedestal during the Hollo[[Hollow Prince]] [[Events|event]]. The '''{{PAGENAME}}'''[[Hollow Prince]] has a tremendous amount of HP and can be difficult to take down.
Once killed, the pedestal can be mined for [[Refined AnorthositeCelestial Block|Refined Celestial Blocks]]s and [[Refined Obsidian Block]]s.
=== Combat and Tactics ===
The '''{{PAGENAME}}'''[[Hollow Prince]] has two attacks similar to those of the [[Hollow King]] [[Bosses|boss]]. He will lob globes of dark energy that do considerable damage. These can be dodged quite easily by moving to the side. The Prince can also launch into a spinning attack where he quickly passes over the player dealing a small amount of damage. He is vulnerable to light energy attacks so it is best to use that to shorten the fight.
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| [[Dark Damage|Dark]]
| [[Dark Damage|Dark]]
| [[Light Damage|Light]]
=== Locations ===
The '''{{PAGENAME}}'''[[Hollow Prince]] only appears during the [[Hollow KnightPrince]] [[Events|event]].
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