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Spring Festival.png

Event Line[]

Help the Emperor solve the troubles that plague his islands.


There are several quests to complete

Peach Tree Fields[]

Mountain Temple[]

Loot and Tips[]

You will receive a Sky Dragon pet, 2x Energy Crystal and several recipes from completing the quests. You may also buy most of the possible recipes from Hong Da Shu in Peach Tree Fields and Mountain Temple.

Some recipes can only be acquired by killing Jade Golems and Bamb-Utans. The recipes drop rate is greatly influenced by the creatures' level. Jade Golems also drop Refined Jade Stone Block.

This event alongside with Jade Stone Merchant is the only chance you may have to acquire Stone Lanterns.


  • This event can be accessed by setting your system clock to February 20th (2017), however it is a known bug that the Jade Curse may not appear. The developer has noted this as a low priority issue since manual clock changes are not officially supported.