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Studded Ruinstone Block
Studded Ruinstone Block Icon.png
Max Stack: 200
Density: 13
Sell: 6 GP
Craft With: Furnace II
Crafting Time: 5s
Internal Item ID = ??


Studded Ruinstone Blocks are used as building Blocks in Portal Knights.


Studded Ruinstone Blocks are not a basic resource of any island, but they can be found in structures starting around mid-game.

The best place I know to find good quantities of Studded Ruinstone block is on Port of Caul under the tower in the treasure chest complex. I have mined at least 200 blocks off the walls alone there. Each treasure room will have some as decoration on the walls, and the floor under the chests are also studded ruinstone. The tower is due west from the landing pad.


1x Ruinstone Block
Ruinstone Block Icon.png
= 4x Studded Ruinstone Block Icon.png
1x Coal
Coal Icon.png

The Studded Ruinstone Block is also an ingredient of:


Unlike other blocks, the Studded Ruinstone Block has the same texture pattern when placed on the floor, walls and ceiling.