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Tagus the Wizard
Type: Quest Giver
Found on: Callum's Claim, Angler's Wharf, Ghostlight Mire, Pillars of Parun


Quest Giver found on Callum's Claim, Angler's Wharf, Ghostlight Mire, Glimmerglen and Pillars of Parun. His quests require you to craft wands and he will reward you with XP and gold based on the island level.


Callum's Claim[]

The Absent-Minded Mage Part 1:He can be found out in the open, near one of the ruins. His quest requires a Wand of Fire.

  • Reward:XP and Gold

Angler's Wharf[]

The Absent-Minded Mage Part 2: He can be found near the entrance for one of the ruins. His quest requires a Masterwork Wand of Fire. (Dread Wand of Fire on Switch port of the game.)

  • Reward:XP and Gold

Ghostlight Mire[]

the Absent-Minded Mage Part 3:He can be found inside a dungeon where a hole with 4 moonstone blocks mark the entrance. His quest requires a Dreadwand of Storms.

  • Reward:XP and Gold

Pillars of Parun[]

The Absent-Minded Mage Part 4: He can be found in his house/tower (the most fancy house you will find in the world). His quest requires a Gold Masterwork Dreadwand.

  • Reward:XP and Gold(now relocatable)


Crystal Kidnappers: Find and relocate Xarif to Tagus the Wizard side.

  • Reward=Gold and xp


Yes, only on Pillars of Parun. Must complete his quest there first.