Tentacle Brazier
Tentacle Brazier Icon.png

Max Stack: ?
Density: ?
Sell: ? GP
Craft With: Drafting Table I
Crafting Time: 5m
Internal Item ID = ??


The Tentacle Brazier is a big brazier found around the Tomb of C'Thiris. When destroyed, it will drop 12x Stone Block and 2x Glowing Sandstone Block. Afterwards, it can only be built again via crafting but you need the recipe that is dropped by the Anub'Kraken.


6x Stone Block Stone Block Icon.png = 1x Tentacle Brazier Icon.png
2x Glowing Sandstone Block Glowing Sandstone Block Icon.png
1x Flammable Liquid Flammable Liquid Icon.png


Tentacle Brazier.png
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