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Travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox Island worlds in Portal Knights, each one with unique environments, Creatures and Resources for Crafting. Explore caves, mineshafts, and dungeons filled with surprises. In order to travel to different worlds, the player will need to collect Portal Shards, which can then be crafted into Portal Stones. By placing the Portal Stones in Portal Structures, the player will then be able to access a new island.

The Islands[edit | edit source]

Check Islands or in the maps below for a list of the 48 current places you can to visit.

World Map - Area 1[edit | edit source]

Hover/Click on areas to get more information (plus Hourseshoe holdout is actually Shrieking sands)

Squire's KnollDusty JunctionFort FinchAutumn SpringsHorseshoe HoldoutOrson OrchardsGarnet PeaksPort of CaulCallum's ClaimWorm PitPlains of PassageWorld Map Area 1
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World Map - Area 2[edit | edit source]

Hover/Click on areas to get more information (plus Cape Carvel is actually Broadside bay)

Mosakola HarborMayyan DeltaHintertownBrackenburgLandlubber's LeapAddermoorDeepest MosakolaJoren's OutpostWitchwaterMount MeridianAngler's WharfMorello MarshesNorth PointCape CarvelGhostlight MireDragon's LairWorld Map Area 2
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World Map - Area 3[edit | edit source]

Hover/Click on areas to get more information

The Great ScarPockmark PlainsPillars of ParunGreat FrontierWorld's EndFarpointStarspiresSea of StalksLunar LandingGlimmerglenFacettaOld HintertownNew CaulThe MotherlodeFilia's FollyThe Bone WastesWorld Map Area 3
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