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Titanium Masterwork Longbow
Hyperion, the Titanium Longbow Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Type: Ranged
Inflicts: Physical
Sell: 1034 GP
Damage: 155
Craft With: Archer Station IV
Crafting Time: 2s
Internal Item ID = ??


The Titanium Masterwork Longbow is one of the Ranger Weapons in Portal Knights. When used, it has the following effects on the player:

  • +19% Critical Strike Damage
  • +28% Critical Strike Chance

Unlike most other bows which only shoot one arrow, Titanium Masterwork Longbow shoots three arrows at once: one main arrow and two small arrows beside it. The main arrow deals full damage while the small arrows deal 1/3 of the main arrow's damage. Each arrow can crit and trigger multi-strike independently making this bow very powerful with multi-strike and critical strike equipment.


6x Titanium Bar
Titanium Bar Icon.png
10x Crystal Thread
Crystal Thread Icon.png
4x Moon Opal Dust