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Trophies are decorative Furniture items that can be put on walls or floors. They are drops from Bosses or special enemies from Event. Some trophies can also be collected outside of events. These drops are extremely rare, however, when outside of events.

List of Trophies[]

Icon Trophy Dropped by/Gotten from Space necessary
Trophy of an Araktula Icon.png Araktula Trophy Striped Araktula
(Araktula Invasion Event)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Fallen Icon.png Fallen Trophy In Shifea's hut (Mosakola Harbor)
Fallen Squire (Running Wild Event, Rattling Bones Event)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Mummy Icon.png Mummy Trophy Mummy (Tomb of C'Thiris) 1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Parrot Icon.png Parrot Trophy Emerald Parrot
(Parrots, Parrots Everywhere... Event)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Slime Icon.png Slime Trophy Carla the Hunter (NPC)
New Caul (Quest Reward)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of an Ancient Mummy Icon.png Ancient Mummy Trophy Ancient Mummy
(Tomb of C'Thiris or Intensive Care Event)
1x2 (wall)
Utan Trophy Icon.png Utan Trophy 1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Grunt Icon.png Grunt Trophy Leader Grunt
Greenhorn Grunt
(Grunt Army Event)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Saurian Icon.png Saurian Trophy Saurian Mage
(Saurian Invasion Event)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Shell Icon.png Shell Trophy Moss Shell,Sand Shell
(Shell Troubles Event)
1x1 (wall)
Trophy of a Blossom Icon.png Blossom Trophy Blazing Blossom
Gleaming Blossom
(Blossom Madness Event)
1x2 (wall)
Trophy of a Roarc Icon.png Roarc Trophy Roarc
(Orc Brothers Event)
1x2 (wall)
Trophy of Bones Icon.png Bones Trophy Burning Bones
(Gang of Bones Event)
1x2 (wall)
Crossed Saber Trophy Icon.png Crossed Saber Trophy Hollow Pirate
MeteoriteTrophy.png Meteorite Trophy Dr. Stellamaris
Trophy of a Thunderstorm Crystal.png Thunderstorm Crystal Trophy Thunderstorm Crystal

(Electro Thunderstorm Event)

2x2 (floor)
Trophy of a Rainstorm Crystal Icon.png Rainstorm Crystal Trophy Rainstorm Crystal
(Tropical Rain Storm Event)
2x2 (floor)
Trophy of a Sandstorm Crystal Icon.png Sandstorm Crystal Trophy Sandstorm Crystal
(Sand Storm Event)
2x2 (floor)
Snowstorm Crystal Trophy Snowstorm Crystal
(Snow storm Event)
Low Rift Trophy Icon.png Low Rift Trophy Low Rift Forge
Middle Rift Trophy Icon.png Middle Rift Trophy Middle Rift Forge
High Rift Trophy Icon.png High Rift Trophy High Rift Forge
All-Watcher Trophy Icon.png All-Watcher Trophy All-Watcher
Knight Hunter Trophy Icon.png Knight Hunter Trophy Knight Hunter
Slime Queen Trophy Icon.png Slime Queen Trophy Slime Queen
Trophy of the Ancient Worm Icon.png Ancient Worm Trophy Ancient Evil Electro Worm
2x3 (wall)
Trophy of the Dragon Queen Icon.png Dragon Queen Trophy Arctic Dragon Countess
2x3 (wall)
Trophy of the Hollow King Icon.png Hollow King Trophy King of Light
2x3 (wall)
The Bitter Root Award.png The Bitter Root Award Hard Bitter Root Battlefield (Boss drop)
The Fallentown Trophy.jpg The Fallentown Trophy Hard Fallentown Square (Boss drop)
Temple Mines Championship.png Temple Mines Championship Hard Temple Mines (Boss drop)