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Undead graveyard.png

Event Line[]

Undead creatures have build a graveyard on this Island.


Find the tomb below the graveyard and loot the chest.

Loot and Tips[]

The graveyard should be easy to spot even on large Islands. If you are having problems, try looking for the two waving flags above the tomb's entrance. You will encounter Fallen Soldiers, Mummys, Ancient Mummys and one Fallen Wizard outside. In case you don't have a weapon or spell with Light Damage to permanently kill the Fallen Wizard, you can trap him in a 2x2x5 hole (needs to be 5 deep because he can jump up to 4 blocks high). Inside the tomb, you will find Mummys and a Fallen Soldier. This event will always spawn on level 30 so, the chest will contain 2 Energy Crystals and other end game items. Remember to loot the 4 blue lanterns inside the tomb, 2 blue lanterns outside the tomb and the 2 Crests of the Undead.