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Vanity Giftbox
Vanity Giftbox Icon.png
Max Stack: 32
Craft With: Drafting Table
Internal Item ID = ??


A craftable Giftbox containing a variety of Vanity, Furniture and Pet items. This item places a Gift box on the ground, that when activated will disappear leaving its contents behind.


10x Energy Crystal Center
15x Yellow Portal Stone
Yellow Portal Stone Icon.png
10x Linen Cloth
Linen Cloth Icon.png

Possible contents[]

Bumblebee Head
Bumblebee Body
Bumblebee Gloves
Bumblebee Pants
Bumblebee Wings
Jester Hat
Jester Robes
Jester Gloves
Jester Pants
Unicorn Horn
Top Hat
Fruit Hat
Piked Helmet
Bag Hat
Baseball Cap
Hockey Mask
Groucho Mask
Felix's Power
Football Goal
Red Squirrel (Pet)
Red Monkey (Pet)
Polly the Pirate Parrot (Pet)
Brown Bunny (Pet)
Gray Snake (Pet)
Poison Spore (Pet)
Red Firecracker
Red Fireworks Fountain
Red Fireworks Rocket
Blue Firecracker
Blue Fireworks Fountain
Blue Fireworks Rocket
Green Firecracker
Green Fireworks Fountain
Green Fireworks Rocket
Yellow Firecracker
Yellow Fireworks Fountain
Yellow Fireworks Rocket
Colorful Firecracker
Colorful Fireworks Fountain
Colorful Fireworks Rocket