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Crafting[edit | edit source]

Workbench Icon.png
Workbench II Icon.png
Workbench III Icon.png
Workbench IV Icon.png
Workbench V Icon.png
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Building the Workbench
4x Wood Logs 8x Wood Logs
8x Copper Ore
10x Wood Logs
4x Iron Bar
12x Wood Logs
4x Gold Bar
14x Wood Logs
4x Titanium Bar
Polished Dark Wood Block
Polished Wood Block
White Concrete Block
Grey Concrete Block
Blue Concrete Block
Green Concrete Block
Orange Concrete Block
Polished Bamboo Block
Straw Block
Red Ruinstone Block
Orange Ruinstone Block
Wood Block
Red Carpet Block
Blue Carpet Block
Gold Carpet Block
Green Carpet Block
Dark Blue Crystal Block
Green Crystal Block
Light Blue Crystal Block
Purple Crystal Block
Red Crystal Block
Yellow Crystal Block
Cotton Cloth

Flame Ruby Dust

Verdant Emerald Dust Linen Cloth
Silk Cloth

Electro Quartz Dust

Sea Sapphire Dust

Sun Diamond Dust Gossamer

Moon Opal Dust

Crafting Stations & Furniture
Drafting Table
Archer Station
Ward of Protection
Chest II
Landing Pad
Chest III Chest IV
Mining Claw
Copper Pickaxe
Lumberjack Axe
Mining Drill
Arcane Compass
Arcane Mirror
Iron Mining Claw
Iron Lumberjack Axe
Iron Mining Drill
Iron Pickaxe
Resource Scanner
Gold Mining Claw
Gold Lumberjack Axe
Gold Mining Drill
Golden Pickaxe
Titanium Mining Claw
Titanium Lumberjack Axe
Titanium Mining Drill
Titanium Pickaxe
Apprentice Wand
Wooden Sword
Wood Bow
Apprentice Set
Scout Set
Squire Set
Felix's Power
Fluffy's Wits
Miner Set
Fluffy's Courage
Fluffy's Strength
Fluffy's Speed
Colorful Fireworks Rocket
Green Fireworks Rocket
Yellow Fireworks Rocket
Blue Fireworks Rocket
Red Fireworks Rocket
Colorful Fireworks Fountain
Green Fireworks Fountain
Yellow Fireworks Fountain
Blue Fireworks Fountain
Red Fireworks Fountain
Colorful Firecracker
Green Firecracker
Yellow Firecracker
Blue Firecracker
Red Firecracker
Football Goal

Gallery[edit | edit source]